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Your ad is posted until your aircraft sells. Only $375.00 for a basic ad. Video upgrades available. Marketing your aircraft with an online video makes so much sense. You get to bring a prospective buyer right to your airfield and walk them through your aircraft- without either of you, the buyer or the seller, having to leave home. A buyer may view all aspects of the aircraft, even discrepancies, so there are no last minute surprises. We have found this results in less risk for the buyer when planning to check out an aircraft which may be located many miles from their home base. Our policy is 100% honesty and integrity when posting an ad and making the optional video.

Video Prices:

Simple walkaround: $100.00. Simple walk around video is similar to the rans S-12 video.

Will require participation and prepping by the owner before shooting video. Normally will include external, cockpit, and engine run. Typically less than 20 minute video

Detailed Video:  $300.00 detailed video will also include flight video, engine compartment, lights, landing gear, interior, engine start, takeoffs and landings, in-flight cockpit video, this is similar to the Cessna 150 video.
Pre-purchase Video: $500.00 the prepurchase video includes everything of the detail video that incorporates a further interior inspection of the structure, compression check, and oil filter inspection. Additional cost may be incurred such as oil filter or other consumables.
All prices are based on Rainbow Aviation retaining all rights to the video. we publish the video on our site customer can link or embed video.

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