What Can I Do with a Repairman Maintenance Certificate?

What Can I Do with a Repairman Maintenance Certificate?

If you‘re curious about the types of folks who take the 15 day Light Sport Repairman Maintenance (LSRM) training course and what they do with the certificationyou came to the right place!

Who are the LSRM?  It is interesting, but the majority of attendees tend to be over 50. The age range to date: 17- 86. These folks take the workshop for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is simply for an owner of a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) to earn the authorization to perform their own maintenance and repairs on their factory built aircraft. We also see Certificated Flight Instructors (CFIs) taking the course so they can reduce their operating costs and perform their own maintenance and inspections- with the authorization to perform those 100 hour inspections making the LSRM rating very appealing. SLSA manufacturers sign up for the course so they may perform warranty work and the like. And we see a real interest in the training for folks who are using the rating as a stepping stone for another rating, such as an A&P or DAR, or to open a Service Center.  A&P mechanics will also complete the training as a clever way to meet the requirements for recent experience and active their A&P again.

Some folks sign up interested in a career change. This group then branches out in different direction depending on their individual goals, some work for manufacturers or FBOs, others want to open their own Light Sport Maintenance Business. Others are interested in specializing- say, in avionic, engine specialty services, such as opening an overhaul shop. Some want to offer light sport services specializing in a certain make of light sport aircraft or task specific services, i.e. Flight Design Specialist, Remos Specialist, or some specialize in Rotax Engines, say, while other may specialize in avionics, for example. The variety of needs in field of light sport aircraft maintenance seems endless. And aircraft maintenance is constantly listed in top ten or top twenty career lists by popular websites like MonsterJobs, Yahoo! Jobs, and Forbes. It can be a great career. And the light sport aviation community needs you.

Check out the attached article below which highlights a few of the LSRMs and their specialities.