Date: TBA LSRM Weight Shift Add-On Module

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          LSRM rating with Rainbow Aviation or current (April-May 2023 ) registration in the Light Sport Repairman Maintenance (LSRM) Workshop is required.

  • Successful completion of the Repairman Maintenance Weight Shift Rating allows you to perform the maintenance, the annual condition inspection, and the 100 hour inspections (required on aircraft used for hire) on Special Light Sport Weight Shift and Experimental Light Sport Weight Shift. This is an FAA approved workshop and an FAA certificate is issued after successful completion. You do not have to own the aircraft. You do not even need to be a pilot and you may charge for your services. We offer this course in Kingsville Missouri. Seating is limited, so preregistration is required. The Weight Shift Class (Elective Module) course is a 2 day program aimed at Owners, Technicians, CFIs, and/or Manufacturers. It covers all ELSA and SLSA in the weight shift class.
  • It covers all ELSA and SLSA in the weift shift class. Fees are non-refundable, we will move you to another workshop with a 30 day notice and a $125 re-scheduling fee.


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