APOPKA, FL – APRIL 3-4. 2022 – Repairman Weight Shift

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  • Successful completion of the LSA Repairman Inspection course, allows you to apply for an FAA Repairman Certificate for any Experimental Light Sport Weight Shift which you own or one you purchase in the future. Once the aircraft is listed on your repairman certificate, you are allowed to do the condition inspection each year. You do not have to be the builder. You simply have to have successfully completed the 16 hour training course for LSA Repairman Inspection.
  • It covers all ELSA and SLSA in the weight shift class. Fees are non-refundable, we will move you to another workshop with a 30 day notice and a $75 re-scheduling fee.
  • There is no expiration date on the certificate of course completion. You do not need to currently own an ELSA.The class is two days, 16 hours. 8am- 5:pm both days.
  • $475 credit card / $50 with cask, check discount


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