12 mm Compression Tester Adapter (KIT) (“T” Type Fitting)

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12 mm Compression Tester Adapter (KIT) (“T” Automotive Type air hose adapter fitting)

Assemble your own compression tester adapter.

Modify the length to suit you specific needs.

Paint or finish to your liking.


(Qnty 1) 12mm x 1.25 thread x .5″ insert hole  P/N 12MM-.5- Brass Adapter

(Qnty 1) TF-.426 Air Fitting “T” Type brass Air fitting

(Qnty 1) S1139 AS568-110 Silicone O-Ring

(Qnty 1) 1-510-3D-HIPS-Black 3D Printed Handle

(Qnty 1)  12MM Decal, Black

(Qnty 1)  Assembly Instructions


10 in stock (can be backordered)

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