Mosaic Comments Shared

I am commenting on the proposed rule changes for Sport Pilot.  I am a long time Private Pilot and Sport CFI that is very active in flight training.  I am also an A&P,  IA and LSRM.  I own Heavenbound Aviation in Ohio.  

My first comment is related to the proposed change in the LSRM training.  I am a strong advocate of the current LSRM training regulations.  I believe the proposed changes would have a terrible impact on the industry as well as safety.  We desperately need mechanics both in the light sport and certified world and this is an excellent entry into this trade.  I have been through the LSRM training as an A&P/IA at Rainbow Aviation.  I think the training was excellent and accomplishes the goal that the FAA intended.  Graduates of this course are well equipped to do maintenance and inspections on LSA aircraft.  They understand their limitations and can seek additional training as required for the level of maintenance that they intend to do.  But for the majority of maintenance on LSA aircraft, the training is adequate.  I would encourage a module based system that will create add on modules for additional systems that is being added to the light sport such as electric, turbine, retracts, etc.  I believe the proposed changes would create more of a shortage of mechanics than we already have and the result would be more people switching to experimental and doing maintenance with little or no training.  That will negatively impact safety.