15 Day Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Course

15 Day Light Sport Repairman Maintenance Course

(15 day/120 hrs) Fee:

$650.00 deposit to hold your seat

Due 45 days prior to workshop start date: the remaining $3850 with cash discount (total fees $4500) 

Successful completion of the Repairman Maintenance Rating allows you to perform the maintenance, the annual condition inspection, and the 100 hour inspections (required on aircraft used for hire) on Special Light Sport Aircraft and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft. This is an FAA approved workshop and an FAA certificate is issued after successful completion. You do not have to own the aircraft. You do not even need to be a pilot and you may charge for your services. We offer this course in Missouri. Seating is limited, so preregistration is required. You may hold a seat for 10 days without a deposit for planning purposes.

Light Sport Repairman Workshops  –  Upcoming Course Dates:  

Feb 25-March 12, 2023  Waitlist 

April 22- May 7, 2023   Waitlist

June 3- June 18, 2022   Registration open

Aug 26-Sept 11, 2023   Registration open

Oct 7-22, 2023              Registration open

Nov 4-19, 2023             Registration open

Glider, Weight Shift offered in May 2023 

Powered Parachute Add-On Module TBA

We do offer each add-on Modules in 2 days following a 15 day session