Take Action! MOSAIC Comment Period

As most of you are aware the FAA has released the new proposed rulemaking refer to as “MOSAIC.” The Modernization of Special Airworthiness Certification)

Remember- MOSAIC is simply a proposal, and it could change based on the comments from industry stakeholders.

We should be able to develop our comments back to this proposal in such a way that  helps the FAA to understand why they might have missed the following aspects- these few items just need to be adjusted to ensure aviation safety and accessibility on the light end of aviation.

So we are asking your to do the following:

  • Read the NPRM (Link below)  
  •  Watch the videos we have created on the aspects we are highlighting

Click this link for the first video on the Maintenance Training proposals

Second Video: click this link Offer Amateur Built Owners a Repairman Certificate

Third Video: Make Your Voice Heard- COMMENT on MOSAIC Complete the SURVEY

As you read the proposal,  analyze the potential effects on safety, the environment, and industry. You may want to think about composing a comment that addresses a specific impact. We have highlighted our concerns below: 

You can read and comment on the MOSAIC proposal. Plan to take notes on how it may impact your personal or professional role in aviation. And then read the tips below for writing your comments below.

Select this link for bulleted points

The above link is the full final proposal as published in the Federal Register for anyone that wants to read the full text. You can also comment on the proposal, but you should keep in mind a few things when making a comment.

·  You can comment anonymously, especially if your comment provides clear justification beyond your personal interest. (We encourage you to provide your name)

·  When commenting, don’t go on a long rant, and don’t just say “leave §65.107 – Repairman maintenance rating as is.”  Say why and give a safety or burden on the industry rationale.

·  Provide a little context of who you are “I’m a pilot”, “I’m a Repairman”, “I’m an airplane owner”, etc.

·  Clearly and concisely state what you think the problem is with the proposal “The proposed change to the Repairman Certification is unnecessary (§ 65.107) . Creates. . . ”, or “The training requirements for the Repairman with a Maintenance Rating to services other categories should be additional training . .  . (continue with your rationale) and “we must have multiple categories for fixed wing- or allow for complex subjects to be add on modules”

·  Clearly state a specific solution. Don’t say “An amateur built pilot should be able to take the repairman course” say “offering the repairman certification for amateur built aircraft will . . .  ”

·  Provide a justification for the change, preferably one based on safety. “The proposal provides no real reason that upending the Repairman Maintenance rating will enhance safety, an arbitrary increases the time and money it will cost for individuals to receive training and then adding areas that most aren’t interested in”  

·  Don’t just copy someone else’s comment. Very similar comments will get lumped together and treated as one. If you copy/paste your comment, the FAA can copy/paste a response.

·  The FAA will be much more able to properly evaluate your comment if you include a specific reference to the particular rule change you are talking about. You can even be a super nerd and use the fancy § symbol for “section”.

Again thank you for your comments- ask your friends and family to comment.