The LSA Repairman: Maintenance or Inspection Rating?

The LSA Repairman: Maintenance or Inspection Rating?

The Light-Sport Rule establishes a new repairman certificate with two ratings (Ref: 14 CFR §65.107): Inspection and Maintenance.

There is only one repairman certificate, but two ratings: The “repairman (light sport) with an Inspection rating” (LSRI) and the “Repairman (light-sport aircraft)—Maintenance rating.” (LSRM) The inspection rating is available by attending a 16 hour, two day repairman course. The maintenance rating is only available by attending a much longer 80-120 hour Repairman course.

Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

As a sport pilot flying an ELSA for pleasure, you only need the 16 hour inspection course. Classes are normally schedule on the weekend and offered across the country Successful completion of  the LSA Repairman Inspection course, allows you to apply for an FAA Repairman Certificate for any  Experimental Light Sport Aircraft  which you own or one you purchase  in the future. (Note: this does not apply to Experimental Amateur Built)  Once the aircraft is listed on your repairman certificate, you are allowed to do the condition inspection each year. You do not have to be the builder. You simply have to have successfully completed the 16 hour training course for LSA Repairman Inspection in the assigned “class” of the selected

course (airplane, weight shift, powered

parachute, glider, gyroplane, or lighter-than-air). There is no expiration date on the certificate of course completion. You do not need to currently own an ELSA.

(There isn’t any authorization required to perform the maintenance on experimental aircraft.) However, if you fly two different class of aircraft, say, airplane and weight shift, then you will have to take one 16 hour inspection course for weight shift and another 16 hour inspection course for airplane.

The good news: There are no renewal

requirements for your certificate, once you earn it, and there are no limits on how many aircraft in the select class you may own. Additionally, all maintenance is already allowed. There is no requirement for a repairman certificate to perform maintenance on your E-LSA. This is important because after your ELSA is certificated you  will have one year until you need to have completed the required repairman inspection course. (It is easy to schedule a 16 hour inspection course at your location. Rainbow Aviation travels with the course based on demand.)

Special Light Sport Aircraft

Owners of a Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) must attend at 15 day workshop (15 day/120 hrs).  Successful completion of the Repairman Maintenance Rating allows you to perform the maintenance, the annual condition inspection, and the 100 hour inspections (required only for aircraft used for hire)  on any Special Light Sport Aircraft and or any Experimental Light Sport Aircraft in the assigned “class” of the selected

Course. This is an FAA approved workshop and an FAA certificate is issued after successful completion. You do not have to own the aircraft. You do not even need to be a pilot and you may charge for your services.

Unlike the Repairman-Inspection rating, a person with the Repairman-Maintenance rating can perform maintenance and inspections on anyone’s S-LSA or E-LSA and charge for his/her services. For this reason, he is sometimes referred to as a “Sport

Mechanic.” There are no prerequisites for thetraining course. In fact, a Repairman with a Maintenance rating need not even be a pilot. Additionally, the repairman may also keep a portfolio of his work and apply for authorization to take the A&P written and practical exams for general aviation after working in the field for 30 +months under his/her own supervision.

The LSRM may also serve as a stepping-stone to the DAR (Designated Airworthiness Representative.)