FAA CATS Testing

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FAA tests available at Rainbow Aviation

Written Exams

FAA Site Code: ABS96003

Aviation  Professionals

Reservation Required (call 530-824-0644)

Same Day Appointments Possible

OPEN  Tuesday-Saturday   -  Instant  Results
                           Start  the  Exam  any  Time  between  10:00 am  to  3:00 pm
 F A A  &  F C C  Authorized  Written  Exam   Facility
                           Pilots -   Private,  Commercial,  Instrument,  Instructor  &   A T P
                                   Flight  Engineers,  Dispatchers,  Ground Instructors,
                                      Mechanics -  General,  Airframe  or  Powerplant

We Have Training Material For ALL FAA EXAMS
                                 Available :  On  Computer  CD  -  Video  - or  Textbook 

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FAA Exams




Please call  (530)824-0644  9:00 am- 3:00 pm Tuesday -Friday to schedule an appointment. 

We give our first test at 10:00 and finish our last test at 3:00 Tuesday through Friday.

Appointments for additional times available by special arrangement