Sport Pilot Examiner Services


Designated Sport Pilot Pilot Examiner

Sport Pilot Examiner (SPE) – A designated pilot examiner who can issue certificates to Students and Sport Pilots. Practical Exams $525.00

Sport Pilot Instructor Examiner (SPIE) – A designated pilot examiner who can issue Sport Pilot Instructor certificates. Practical Exams $625.00

Certified Flight Instructors (CFI)- Instructors who can instruct, endorse, and provide proficiency checks for Sport Pilots and Sport Pilot CFI’s. They can Not issue Student or Sport Pilot Licenses/Certificates. 

Our SPE and SPIE is Brain Carpenter.  Brian Carpenter  was selected as one of only eight Candidates to attend the first FAA Sport Pilot Examiner course given January 17-22, 2005. He has a long and illustrious background with certified, experimental, and ultralight aircraft. He has been an A/P mechanic with an inspection authorization for over 25 years, And recently has become a DAR For Experimental and Light Sport Aircraft. He is a commercial pilot, and certificated flight instructor with an instrument rating. He has built and flown over forty experimental and ultralight aircraft. He has designed and built several original design aircraft including the Ranger R1 aircraft featured in many aviation magazines. As the founder of Rainbow Aviation he has dedicated his career to helping the aviation community thrive and grow through safety and excellence. His experience includes acting as an FAA Aviation Safety Counselor, EAA Technical Counselor, and EAA Flight Advisor. Brian is also the co-author of A Professional Approach to Ultralights and Sport Pilot Airplane, A Complete Guide. 

Carol Carpenter has transitioned from Ultralight Instructor to Sport Pilot instructor. Carol, a private pilot and FAA Advanced Ground Instructor is available for any required training before or after your practical exam.