Directions to Issue

8900.10 CHG 0  9/13-2007

For a sample application click here (SAMPLE IS FOR INSPECTION (16 HR COURSE)  RATING) 

5-1257            PROCEDURES.

Note:   These application procedures will be incorporated into the Integrated

Airman Certification and/or Rating Application (IACRA) electronic application system on or before July 2005.

A.        Receive the Application. To apply for a repairman (light-sport aircraft) certificate with either an inspection or maintenance rating, the applicant must provide the following documentation to any FSDO:

1)          Photo identification, such as a valid U.S.-issued driver’s license, passport, or other positive documentation that will show that the applicant meets the minimum age and citizenship requirements.
2)          A completed Form 8610-2.
a)          The applicant should put a check in the repairman block at the top of the form and specify the rating requested (e.g., light-sport inspection or light-sport maintenance) on the line under the repairman block.
b)          For inspection ratings, the applicant must provide in Block III, Record of Experience, under Type of Work Performed, the registration number, serial number, and class of ELSA owned by the applicant. An applicant who owns multiple ELSA (in the same or different classes) may apply for adding additional aircraft. When adding additional aircraft, the applicant will check the “added rating” box on a new application form and the additional aircraft will be listed in Block III. All aircraft owned by the certificate holder may be listed on one repairman certificate.
c)          For maintenance ratings, the applicant must provide in Block III the class(es) of SLSA to be maintained.
3)          Without any assistance, the applicant must read and sign the applicant’s certification on the front of the form in the proper location in the presence of an FAA Airworthiness ASI or designated representative. If there is doubt that the applicant can read, write, and understand the English language, have the applicant verbally read the applicant certification block on the front of the form or administer another test to prove command of the English language.
4)          Provide proof that the applicant has received 16 hours of FAA-accepted training for the inspection rating or 80/120 hours of FAA-accepted training for the maintenance rating in the class of light-sport aircraft to be maintained. Proof of training would be a certificate of training or graduation certificate. The certificate of training or graduation certificate for either inspection or maintenance rating must have an FAA acceptance number, name of the organization giving the training, hours of training received, name of the instructor, name of the course,
5)          Class of light-sport aircraft on which training was received, and date instruction was completed. If there is doubt concerning the validity of certificate of training/graduation, contact the Flight Standards Light Sport Branch, AFS-610, and check the class number and dates of instruction.

B.        Review the Application. The inspector shall:

1)          Review the documentation submitted by the applicant for accuracy and completeness.
2)          Return the proof of training certificate to the applicant.
3)          If the repairman certificate is to be issued, check the appropriate blocks on the FAA Inspector’s Report block at the bottom of the second page and provide the date, signature, and FSDO identification.

C.        Complete FAA Form 8060-4, Temporary Airman Certificate.

1)          In Block III, insert the word “pending.”
2)          In Block IV, fill out the name, address, and physical description.
3)          In Block IX, for an inspection rating, insert the words “Repairman (Light-Sport Aircraft).”
4)          In Block XII, first insert the words: “Inspection.” Directly underneath put the class of light-sport aircraft (e.g., airplane, glider, powered parachute, weight-shift-control, gyroplane, lighter-than-air) _______, followed by the aircraft’s Registration Number N ____ and Serial Number _______.
5)          For a maintenance rating, in Block XII, insert the word “Maintenance” followed by the class (or classes) of light-sport aircraft the repairman is qualified to work on (e.g., airplane, glider, powered parachute, weight-shift-control, lighter-than-air).”

Note:   Inspection and maintenance ratings may both appear on the same repairman light-sport aircraft certificate.

6)          Review the Form 8060-4 for accuracy. If the rating is to be issued, the inspector or designated representative signs and dates Block X, then the applicant signs Block VII.

5-1258            TASK OUTCOMES.

A.        Complete PTRS.

B.        Issue the Temporary Certificate. After determining that the applicant meets all the requirements for certification, approve the application by signing it. Complete Form 8060-4 in duplicate.

1)          Give the applicant a copy of Form 8060-4. Both the applicant and the inspector must sign this form.
2)          Send Form 8610-2 and the original Form 8060-4 to the Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760, within 1 business day.

C.        Deny Certificate. If the application is disapproved, return it to the applicant with a letter explaining the denial.

5-1259            FUTURE ACTIVITIES. The FAA may take enforcement action against the repairman if the aircraft is maintained in a manner contrary to the inspection/maintenance requirements contained in its operating limitations and/or applicable 14 CFR part.

RESERVED. Paragraphs 5-1260 through 5-1275.