Buyers' Assistance Program

Agreement of Assistance in the Purchase of an Aircraft


Agreement of Assistance in the Purchase of an Aircraft

 We will assist you in locating an aircraft, completing the pre-purchase inspection, evaluating the aircraft's worth, handling the paperwork and provide the following related services for a flat fee of $875.00 This doesn’t include any travel expenses such as fuel and lodging.  Many times we are able to arrange to have aircraft flown to us for a pre-purchase inspection at the seller's expense.  However, you may need to pay for fuel to get the aircraft  flown here, the cost of a pilot to fly the aircraft here, or our cost to go there.  (Of course, these extra fees would be contingent on your approval)  

Here is what Rainbow Aviation will provide for you:


1.        Provide a comprehensive evaluation of your needs, goals, and budget and match them with the best aircraft.


2.        Locate an Aircraft and evaluate its suitability and value for you.


3.        Perform the pre-purchase inspection or inspections.

(All pre-purchase inspections are included until we find an aircraft we recommend for you).


4.        Complete the aircraft purchase  agreement


5.        Assist you in completing the Bill of Sale


6.        Assist you in completing the registration


7.        Assist you in filing all paperwork with the FAA


As a Customer you agree to the following:


1.        Employ Rainbow Aviation to research and locate an aircraft.


2.               Pay Rainbow Aviation Services a $875.00 fee upon signing the service agreement.


3.               Provide Rainbow Aviation with a budget and requested make and model criteria.


4.               Hold harmless, Rainbow Aviation Service from any liability associated with the purchase of the aircraft.


5.               Pay any and all fees associated with approved travel, and required paperwork, registration, sales tax, etc.