The first 16 Hour repairman course offered By Rainbow Aviation Services

The first 16 hr. repairman course was recently concluded at Rainbow Aviation Services facility in Corning California on August 13th and 14th. As expected the course was a big success.  Edsel Ford From the FAA Light Sport Branch In Oklahoma City was in attendance to insure compliance with the regulations and to offer his suggestion on improvements for the future courses. Rainbow Aviations first course was filled to the maximum (16) as allowed by the FAA.   (First row left- right) Edsel Ford (FAA), Brian Carpenter (instructor), Carol Carpenter (Instructor), Phil McNally, Bill Massey, Doug Dugger (second row left-right) Art Steinbach, Bob Roth, Dan Crooks, Keith Parrish, Mat Ryant, Denis Porter, Bill Massey, Dan Barnes, (last row left-right) Ron Rountree,  John Peters, Dan Flores, Les Goldner, Frank Miller.