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16 Hour Repairman Workshop

Seminar Schedule          

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FAA accepted Repairman Inspection Workshops offered for:


Course length: 2 days (16 hrs)  - 8:00am to 5:00pm

Schedule: The FAA requires this course be presented in a 16 hour program.

The schedule for workshops may be found by clicking on Locations, Costs & Dates.

- there will be short breaks and a one hour lunch break from 12-1 each day.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please call 530-824-0644 to register by phone or email [email protected]


***FAA Accepted Course***       Summary of the Rule      

This course provides required training for those who own (or plan to own) E-LSA airplane, weight-shift control , or powered parachute aircraft to be eligible for the FAA light-sport repairman certificate with inspection rating. This certificate (which does not expire) authorizes owners to perform their own annual inspections. See course content below.

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We take our courses to locations all over the country. If your organization would like to host a course at your location, email us at [email protected] . For a checklist of requirements click here.



      The repairman certificate earned during this course is only applicable to aircraft certificated as Experimental Light Sport - in the specific class you attend  i.e Airplane, Weight Shift, Glider. Powered Parachute

      It IS NOT valid to obtain a Repair / Inspection Certificate for an aircraft with an Airworthiness Certificate in the following categories

      Special Light Sport Aircraft (SLSA) Factory Built Light Sport Aircraft Ready To Fly

      Experimental Amateur Built (Homebuilt from plans or a kit)

      Experimental Exhibition

      Standard Category Aircraft (i.e. Piper J-3 Cub, Aeronca Champ, Ercoupe, etc.)

    • FAA regulation §65.107 allows the owner of an Experimental Light-Sport Aircraft to earn a Repairman (LSA) Inspection rating by attending an FAA accepted course. Successful completion of the course allows you to perform the annual condition inspection on any Experimental-LSA airplane you own now or in the future.

      Rainbow Aviation has applied for and received acceptance of this course  in accordance with FAA Order 8000.84. The course is 16 hours in length (2 day)  8-5 each day. Weekend courses are the most popular. Students must be in attendance for the entire length of the class.  Due to the FAA restriction on class size - seating is limited to 16 students.

      Course Instructors:  

      Brian and Carol Carpenter. (Team teach) Authors of A Professional Approach to Ultralights and Sport Pilot Airplane. Brian is an A&P aircraft mechanic with an inspection authorization rating, an FAA Safety Counselor,  EAA Technical Counselor, a CFII, a Sport Pilot Instructor Examiner, a DAR, and he is the designer and builder of the Ranger aircraft featured in several aviation publications. He has built over 30 experimental and ultralight aircraft. Carol holds a California teaching credential and she is a Sport Pilot Instructor, an FAA Advanced Ground Instructor, a Private Pilot, Light Sport Repairman with a Maintenance Rating an Ultralight Instructor, ASTM committee member, and an FAA Safety Counselor. She also is a freelance writer for several aviation publications.

      Jim Scott:  Jim  started his career at age 14 working at a small airport in Michigan. He has over 1,000 hours of flight time in certified aircraft, and over 5,000 hours in ultralight aircraft. Jim has been involved with Rotax aircraft engines since the early 1980's and is fully certified and equipped to overhaul all 2-cycle models of Rotax engines and perform heavy maintenance on 912/914 Rotax engines.Jim, a licensed airframe and powerplant mechanic since 1977,  has a fully-equipped, full-time shop on Airlington Airport and specializes in Powered Parachute maintenance. As co-founder and builder of the Arlington Ultralight Airpark, Jim trained and soloed over 400 ultralight students and has built 70 ultralight and light sport aircraft from kits and plans. He is very active in the ultralight and light sport community as a pilot, aircraft owner and mentor to new pilots.

      Terri Sipantzi: Eastern Distributor for AirBorne Windsports, Ltd.,Authorized by AirBorne to assemble and install standard accessories on AirBorne’s S-LSA aircraft. Completed AirBorne Windsports’ two week training program in assembly and quality control at their Australian factory.First civilian certified Weight-Shift Sport Pilot CFI.  Registered first Experimental – Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA) weight-shift aircraft in state of Virginia.  Registered first AirBorne Special – Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) weight-shift aircraft.  Commercial / Instrument rated SEL. Sport Pilot CFI and Examiner, LSA Repairman with Maintenance Rating for Airplane, Weight-Shift, and Powered Parachute

      Roy Beisswenger. Owner of Easy Flight  Repairman Maintenance Rating (AP, WS, PP) Roy may best be known as the host of the UltraFlight Radio Show, a weekly two-hour show featuring interviews with representatives from across the spectrum of powered sport aviation. Airplane, Weight Shift Control, Powered Parachute, Powered Paraglider, Glider, and Gyroplane topics are covered. He is a Powered Parachute Ultralight Flight Instructor-Examiner (UFI-E) with (EAA), an Advanced Flight Instructor (AFI) with (USUA).A Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) , Sport Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor-Sport Pilot (CFI-SP) for powered parachutes. Currently qualifies for and is in the process of applying for his DAR Certification

      Carol Carpenter is the course manager. Email: [email protected].

      For directions to Rainbow Aviation click here



      COURSE TITLE:    Repairman (Light-Sport Aircraft) with Inspection Rating

      TOTAL HOURS:    16 hours

      INSTRUCTORS:  Carol and Brian Carpenter            Location: Corning Municipal Airport


      Although the course objective is successful completion of the final exam, pragmatic issues will be included in the lecture. Videos, handouts, and power point presentations will be used to supplement lectures.


      Students are required to attend each module of the course in its entirety.


      This course is designed to prepare the student to perform an annual condition inspection on ELSA.  

      Obtaining Your Certificate

      Any FAA Flight Standard District Office (FSDO) will issue (click on link below to find the one nearest to you):


      Call the office to make an appointment

      Bring your course completion certificate, your airworthiness certificate for your ELSA

      Government ID, such as a driver's license

      The FSDO will require you complete FAA Form 8610-2 provided in your course binder.

      Click here to see an example completed form. The example is for a weight shift repairman

      certificate for a specific N-numbered- serial number trike. You will enter the n-number and

      serial number for your ESLA. Do not sign the form until you are in front of the FAA Inspector.


      Repairman seminars are specialized courses with limited attendance to enhance your learning experience. Additionally participants will need lead time to attend. Therefore, NO Refunds will be authorized, however, with a minimum of 48 hour notice we will issue a voucher for a stand by seat in a future workshop with the same instructor. All vouchers are good for one calendar year from the date of the original training. To redeem, there will be a  $75.00 processing fee.   All transactions must be made directly through Rainbow Aviation. DO NOT "purchase"  a seat from a participant. Registrations are non transferable.  A 48 hour notification is required for a voucher to be issued otherwise the full workshop fee will be charge.  All 2 day courses require a deposit of the total class fee. This fee is non-refundable. A STAND BY SEAT voucher may be issued to participants with family or personal emergencies -Stand by seat may be use when room is available in a class or another participant cancels. Stand by seats are valid for 12 months.